Off-Limits Conversations

A Safe Space to Ask Difficult Questions

First & Third


at 6:00PM

Why "Off-Limits"

Have you ever been told that you can’t ask that question? Have you ever wondered why? 
A complex world demands that we ask difficult questions about a complex God. And if we can agree that the Divine is complex, then surely there is the freedom to deconstruct and reconstruct our thinking about such matters. 


UBC has created a safe space to ask those really difficult questions, simply listen, process, converse, and step away with more questions. 
By calling this a safe space, these gatherings will allow people to ask those “off-limits” questions and wrestle with the answers or more questions that proceed, without a sense of judgment from other participants. 
All are invited who are willing to come with an open mind, think critically, and allow grace to fill our limited constructs of an unlimited God. 

When We Gather
Off-Limits Conversations take place on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 6:00 PM in Fellowship Hall. To access the Fellowship Hall, once on Leeward Drive from Highland Road, turn into the first parking lot on the left, entering into the one-story center building. 


We want to remove the hurdle of dinner and/or childcare for all participants. Therefore, come hungry and know we will have childcare and dinner. 

What to Expect

In order to create a safe and open space for conversations, participants are expected to follow a few guidelines, including: 

  • Have an openness to learn and to grow

  • Practice the art of listening

  • Celebrate differences

  • Seek relationships rather than being "right"

  • Turn to wonder when criticism and cynicism creep in

  • Suspend judgment and emotional reactions

  • Soak in the conversation and do not feel obligated to speak

The gatherings will begin with a brief large group talk that is intended to lay the groundwork for small group conversations around the tables. The gatherings will end with a sharing of collective ideas from each small group conversation. 

The use of small group tables is to ensure each person the platform to add his or her thoughts to the conversation.