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Care Packages for Highland Elementary Staff

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

We invite you to collaborate with our partners at Highland Elementary by providing care packages for the staff.

We invite you to sign up to provide a care package for one of these 44 staff members. The care package should include 2 or 3 small food treats (cookies, candy, chips, crackers, nuts, etc.), a bottle of water, notepad or box of note cards, kitchen towel (maybe with a bottle of kitchen soap), and something relaxing for a bath (body wash, lotion, etc.)

We want to equip you to be the hands and feet of Jesus by pouring time, care, and attention into making one of these packages. This is why we are asking you to prepare the packages versus donating to the project.

Once you have purchased the items, drop by the church office to fill one of the official package bags, and write a personal note to put on the finishing touch. The office will be open on Sundays 9-11:30 am, and, Monday through Thursday, 9 am-4:30 pm.

Our goal is to take the bags to Highland Elementary on Wednesday, May 5th.


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