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Celebrating Chancely Courson

Sometimes you just meet someone who instantly makes you look on the bright side of life. Chancely Courson is the kind of person who brings joy into the lives of all those she encounters.

For the last year, Chancely has served as the youth intern, though it feels weird to call her an intern.

Typically, my experiences with interns have meant getting the bare minimum while giving constant guiding.

With Chancely, she took the steering wheel of opportunity and drove it through some exciting, deep, and meaningful experiences.

Chancely has earnestly developed a deeper sense of connection among our youth, by providing safe spaces for them to talk about life and faith. They have experienced a variety of forms of ministry and community through serving and having fun.

As a co-laborer in the work of the staff, Chancely has brought creativity, encouragement, and openness to learn. Our staff is better because of her partnership.

On May 5, Chancely will be stepping away from her role to pursue a full-time job in her field of study. While she will remain a part of UBC, we will certainly see a change in her touch on the lives of our members.

Chancely, thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for bringing your best self to UBC. Thank you for making me a better follower of Jesus and pastor.

Please join me in celebrating Chancely. I encourage you to find ways to thank and encourage her for what she has done and what she will experience next.


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