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Family Tree Café Testimony: Silvia

We moved to Baton Rouge from Montreal, Canada in October because of my husband's work. Being originally from Germany, this was not our first big international move. However, this time we moved with our then 6-months old daughter. I was anxious about how I would find things like fellow moms with kids the same age or even a good pediatrician. Researching on Facebook, someone recommended the Family Tree Cafe.

So on a Wednesday morning 2 days after arriving in early October, my daughter and I visited the indoor playground for the first time. I have to admit that I was quite a bit nervous walking from our car to the entrance, not knowing what to expect or if anybody would talk to me. All the nervousness went away as we were warmly welcomed by Deb, the Children's Minister and some other moms. We played, drank coffee, had good conversations and even stayed for the moms group lunch that took place that day. I left with a full heart and a full belly as well as a recommendation for a good pediatrician :-)

Since that October day my daughter and I came back at least once a week. We had the privilege of meeting many other moms from Baton Rouge as well as different places around the globe. I enjoy our conversations over really good coffee while the children play (or we sit on the floor in the play area with our babies).

Additionally, I find it helpful to be able to asks questions, because being a mom is not always easy, particularly not in a foreign culture. Without even noticing, I also get to practice my English. I always felt included, even being from another country.


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