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Mother's Day Out

Our Fall 2018 Mothers’ Day Out began with a great start. The teachers had a week long in service, with Pastor Andy coming in on Monday morning to meet the staff and prayed over us. The week continued with Gayle Wager presenting the importance of “Music with Preschoolers.” She used instruments and various manipulative from the classrooms to show us how to incorporate music daily. We also had Nancy Nichols who just retired from teaching in Livingston Parish, talked about routines and shared her many years of experiences. Cindy Ramagos explained the essentials of classroom management, how crucial it is to know what is going on in the whole classroom at all times.

The teachers reviewed the staff policies and parents’ handbook. The Nitty Gritty of the program along with the Standards of Excellence was also discussed. The teachers at University Baptist Church Mothers’ Day Out know that they are not “babysitters” but are here to teach. Teaching begins when the first child arrives and does not end until the last child is picked up. On Thursday of our in-service week, parents and children came to our “Meet and Greet” where they were able to meet the teachers and visit the classrooms. The week concluded with CPR being taught on Friday. Throughout the week, after lunch, teachers worked in the classroom preparing their rooms for the school year.

All the classes are full with waiting lists, except for our Pre-K class. There are openings available in our 4 year old Pre-K class. Those interested can inquire via email, or by phone, 225.766.9524.

Mothers’ Day Out officially started on Tuesday, September 4th for our little friends. Happily, we are all slowly but surely getting to know one another, learning the ropes inside and outside of the classrooms. Thank you to all the teachers and parents for their help, hugs, and trust as we all work together.


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