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Nurturing Faith Publishing’s Johnny Pierce at UBC on November 11th

There is American worldview, which often parcels out into the Republican, Democratic, Independent, conservative, or liberal worldview. There is the capitalist, elitist, or socialist worldview. There are even the LSU and Alabama worldviews.

But have we ever considered that for those that follow Jesus there is a Jesus worldview? More often than not, our “Christian” views are shaped by all our other worldviews.

Nurturing Faith’s executive editor, Johnny Pierce, is working on a project focused on the Jesus worldview. “Far too many Christians talk about a “biblical worldview” or a “christian worldview” in ways that have nothing to do with Christ, and which many outside of America’s churches readily recognize as fear-induced prejudices and self-serving agendas that are nothing more than hatred of or discrimination against others,” writes Pierce.

Johnny will be our special guest on Sunday, November 11. You are invited to join a special dialogue with Johnny during the Spiritual Formation hour (9:00-10:00 am) in the Fellowship Hall. Also, he will be our speaker for the worship gathering at 10:30 am.

For more information about Nurturing Faith and Johnny Pierce, visit


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