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Pivoting Ministerial Roles to Maximize Success

Not to relive the glory days, but I had one heck of a throwing arm when I was growing up. I could throw a tight spiral and hit pretty much all the passing routes. I dreamed of playing quarterback, but my challenge always came when reading the defense for play-action-pass.

My coaches were intuitive enough to know that while I was not ideal QB, they could leverage my speed and occasional arm strength as a companion to someone who fits better. Imagine a defense trying to quickly respond to a half-back sprinting to the hash mark, only to pull up short to unload the ball downfield.

Sometimes a slight pivot brings success to individuals, which leads to greater success for the team. Hang in there with my metaphor. I figure we will need it to consider the college football season seems to be hanging in the balance.

Over the last several months, we have been working closely with our staff to assess their giftedness, strengths, and experience, considering how we best position them and UBC for success. After a period of discernment, along with the Personnel Committee's support, we will be making some adjustments to three of our ministerial staff roles.

The first shift will come with Deb McElgin, broadening her role to encompass retirees. While off-loading some of her administrative responsibilities, Deb will focus on enhancing the monthly retiree luncheon, create an additional monthly opportunity for building community, and connect retirees with young families through the Barnabas Project.

As we strive to become a hub for adults 65 and older, Deb’s relational leadership will be a catalyst for community. Her new title will be Minister of Children and Retirees.

Eric and Justin currently collaborate with youth and young adults, with Justin focusing on Spiritual Formation and Eric on Community. They will swap these leadership roles, allowing for a better match of their giftedness and experience. This change will also complement the nature of the other side of their position, Justin with worship and Eric with Church of the Nations.

As we strive to grow our collegiate and youth ministry, the pair’s complementary leadership will provide an intentional intersection of discipleship and relational connection. Justin’s new title will be Minister of Worship and Community. Eric’s new title will be Minister of Formation and Church of the Nations.

We hope that these shifts will bring clarity, intentionality, and balance to the ministers and to the areas they serve. Moreover, our goal is to grow the ministries of UBC from birth through retirement numerically.

Please join us in praying for each of these ministers by name and for the areas they serve. Please join us by being an active collaborator in growing our faith community.


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