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Summer Gathering, August 19

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

If we are honest, we all believe that God has big dreams for our lives. We pray for healthier living, for opportunities to grow, or to be able to thrive in our work.

If we dig down deeper, we all believe that God has big dreams for our church and the community we live in. We pray to seek justice, to meet the needs around us, to be the presence of Jesus to our neighbors, and to see lives transformed.

Consider a few questions…

What dream has God placed in your soul? Have you verbalized that dream?

Have you shared that dream with others? Have you considered that God has given that same dream to others? What would it take for us to discover these dreams together?

You are invited to the August 19th Summer Gathering at 4:00pm. Our conversation will center on the dreams of each individual and the collective dreams of our faith community.

The Gathering is designed around a potluck meal, conversations, and activities for ages nine and older. We will also provide free childcare for ages eight and younger.

Sign up to participate and bring an item for the meal here: (provide link for signup)

Dreaming of new possibilities with others gives me life. I want to listen to what God is saying to individuals, collect these stories, and discover what this could look like together.

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