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The Pane: Join of Missions Partnership in Ecuador

UBC is committed to returning to Ecuador in July of 2022 for an 8-day mission immersion in partnership with Rescate Ministries. Located in the Cajabamba region of Ecuador, Marco Chacaguasay and his family serve the community by providing water filtration systems to remote villages, dental and hygiene clinics, construction of sustainable agricultural infrastructure, and educational programs.

So far, UBC, along with First Baptist Church of Clayton, North Carolina, has built a team of 36 that will install water filtration systems, host medical clinics, construct community centers, sponsor a camp for children, and much more.

As we partner with this wonderful ministry through our presence once per year, we also want to provide resources to support their ongoing work. We, therefore, invite you to be collaborative partners in several ways.

First, consider contributing to UBC Ecuador Christmas Project by choosing from the following gift options:

$25 for School Supplies

$50 towards Sustainable Construction Supplies

$100 towards a Water Filtration System

$200 towards Dental and Medical Supplies

$600 for a Water Filtration System

The Christmas Project collection will begin now through December 24th and is a missional opportunity to give in honor or memory of someone you love.

Second, consider purchasing the second frame of UBC stained glass ornament. The new ornaments are $30 and will be available on November 28th. The first pane was sold in 2019 and will also be available for $15. Stop by the office, Monday-Thursday, or pick one up on Sunday mornings in the Narthex.

Finally, we invite you to start praying for our UBC team, along with our partners in Ecuador. First, pray for the work already being done and the work in-store. Second, pray for the cohesion of the team as they prepare to serve. Finally, pray for the Spirit of God to guide the planning and implementation of the mission immersion.


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