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The Pane: Will You Come to the Light of Christ?

Our family has a tradition of driving around various neighborhoods around town to soak in the glow of Christmas lights. The girls sip on hot chocolate while they squill, “Daddy, look at this one over here.”

Baton Rouge has some Grade A Christmas displays. I’d highly recommend checking out the Kenilworth neighborhood, especially since they have an annual competition for the best décor.

What’s so sad about Christmas light displays is that the family puts so much work into setting it all up, just for it to only last a few weeks. I guess that’s why more and more people are decorating before the Thanksgiving turkey has been cut.

What is about the warmth and glow of Christmas lights that draws us to wonder and hope?

Sometimes, we are so busy with the hustle and bustle of the season with presents to wrap, meals to prepare, and traditions to share that we miss the light altogether. Sometimes, we don’t recognize our need for light until all the lights have gone out, and we don’t know where to turn to bring illumination to our weary souls.

That’s what makes the Christmas Eve Service so mystical and spiritual. From the single Christ candle, we illuminate a dark sanctuary with hope, reminding ourselves of that ancient promise that God is still with us.

Will you come to the light of Christ?


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