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The Window: December 16, 2021

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The Pane: God Has Faith in You

We know the pressure that Mary must have felt in bearing the Son of God. But can you imagine the struggle of responsibility placed on the shoulders of her young fiancé, Joseph?

Consider that God chose a 14-year-old peasant to bring his Son into this world, along with this no-name carpenter as his adoptive Father. God had great faith in Joseph and Mary.

Have you ever considered the same faith that God had in Mary and Joseph to lead this most excellent task of raising the world's Savior, God also has in you?

As God entrusted Mary and Joseph with this most wonderful feat of faith, God empowers you to become the person God created you to be and to allow your life to make a difference in the people you know and the world.

Like Mary and Joseph, we can feel small and insignificant. And yet, God’s strength within us changes the world each time we choose love amid hatred, joy among hopelessness, compassion amid cynicism, peace among violence, justice amid inequality, light among the darkness.

God believes in you that you can be a part of bringing light into people’s darkness. God believes in you that you can bring joy in the lives of the broken.

God believes in you that you can live your life transformed by the truth that God has delivered you from the chains of brokenness. Furthermore, God believes in you that you can proclaim this message to everyone you encounter.

God believes in you that you can follow Jesus, live out his ways, and transform the world one interaction at a time. God believes in you to be a person of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, humility, gentleness, self-control, and compassion.

One of the greatest gifts of Advent is not just our call to faith in God but an empowering reminder that God has faith in us.

Christmas Brunch

UBC will host its annual Christmas Brunch on Sunday, December 19 at 9:30 am. This event will take place outside in the courtyard, inviting participants to enjoy a time of community, celebration, and a good meal. The brunch will lead us into a music-centric worship service, with special guests from the Mother’s Day Out program.

Young Adults Night Out

For December, our Young Adults Night Out will be on the second Friday, 5:30-8:00 pm. This month, we will meet on December 17th.

For more information, click on the image above.

Candlelight Christmas Eve Service

Center your hearts on the celebration of Christmas by joining UBC’s Candlelight Christmas Eve Service.

Click on the image above for more information.

UBC Stained-Glass Christmas Ornaments

For informant how to purchase your ornament, click the image above.

Staff Christmas Bonuses

Year-End Contributions


Christmas Ecuador Project

Prayerfully consider contributing to this mission.

Save the Date for the Ecuador Fundraiser on February 6th

The Ecuador Mission Team will host a fundraiser meal on Sunday, February 6, along with a silent auction. Circle, highlight, and hold this date on your calendar to help raise support for the 2022 Ecuador Mission Immersion.

Mission Sunday, January 30

UBC will worship on January 30 by loving our neighbor by engaging in several missional projects around our community. The projects will be designed to incorporate all ages and

abilities within UBC, providing an authentic way to meet the needs of our neighbors and create space for intergenerational connections.

If you are interested in helping plan or lead one of the missional projects, please contact Andy by phone or email (


Free Live Nativity and Outdoor Movie Follow-Up

What an extraordinary event UBC hosted on Friday! We are incredibly grateful for the countless church members that dedicated time and leadership to set up, act, and manage the Live Nativity and Outdoor Movie Night. We especially want to extend a word of gratitude to Cammie Davis for making it all happen. Thank you for showing up and being the presence of Jesus in our community.

Early Registration for Soccer Academy Now Open

The UBC Soccer Academy is back for another set of 6-sessions, February 26 - April 2. Early registration opens December 6 and closes January 6 for $10 off.

Instead of trying to schedule your entire week around scattered soccer practices and games, especially if you have more than one kid playing, register your kid(s) for a series of 1-hour sessions on Saturdays for six weeks. Your child will learn the fundamentals of soccer through fun activities and a scrimmage at the end of each session, all in the comfort of one hour per Saturday for six weeks.

For more information about the Soccer Academy and to register, visit


New Advent Prayer Group

Join us each week at 12:30pm on Zoom as we reflect on the Scripture passage from the previous Sunday. We will use a variety of creative prayer practices to dig deeper into the stories!

Join us on Zoom.

Zoom ID: 570-645-5793

Password: ubc


We Need Your Help as Our Church Grows

As out church continues to grow, we need your help. Consider volunteering for one of the above.

Choir is Back

The choir is back! We are currently rehearsing Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the Music Suite. All are welcome. Previous experience not required. Safety precautions include masks and distancing. Join us! Contact for more information.


Worship in the Chapel this Sunday, December 19th

Contact for more information.


Spiritual Formation Series

Please bring your children to join us for our current Spiritual Formation Series, “God’s Story for You and Me.” The series takes place in the Children’s Branch during Sunday school.


Update from the Faith, Community and Justice Connect Group


Save The Dates

How To Give

Mask Policy Update

Click on the image above to review our updated mask policy.


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