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Uncharted Territory of Collegiate Ministry

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

What a strange time to be alive...

Imagine the strange nature of being in college at this time. I remember all of the worries, what-ifs, and anticipation that mixed in the summer leading up to my freshman year of college, followed by the subsequent years of undergraduate.

I can’t even imagine what is like now for incoming LSU students as they also deal with this pandemic. While I am sure that many are ready to be away from home, the uncertainty of living in dorms or apartments, attending class in person and online, making new friends and renewing existing relationships, while making decisions for your future, seems like a lot.

What a strange and yet, an opportune time to be a church ministering to college students.

Our Strategic Growth Initiative: College and Young Adult team, with our Minister of Worship & Community and Minister of Formation & Church of the Nations, Justin Langford and Eric Fulcher, have been intentionally navigating what nurturing for college students looks like for this coming year.

The first initiative will focus on a weekly Tuesday evening gathering. This will be a time of community and spiritual formation.

The second initiative will be a weekly coffee hour near campus for students to hang out and check-in with our ministers.

The third initiative will be events and opportunities based on student interest and outreach.

We invite you to be active participants in the college ministry of the church through prayer. Pray for these students entering into unfamiliar territory. Pray for our ministers as they seek to build strong connections with students. Pray for these initiatives by name that they will be effective and impactful. Pray for our faith community as we enter into a new chapter of collegiate work.

Additionally, we invite you to be the active presence of hospitality, inclusion, and compassion as students converge on our campus for worship and various activities. Get them connected with Eric and Justin at the end of the worship service. Be sure they receive one of the UBC college ministry packets.


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