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We Need Resurrection Now More Than Ever

Can you remember the last time that the world has been disrupted by one solitary crisis? The second World War is probably the last time that every country, every tribe, and every ethnicity was so affected by cataclysmic events.

Personally, when is the last time your life was utterly disrupted physically, emotionally, relationally, economically, and spiritually?

These last several weeks have been trying for most though those who have experienced the unbearable pain of losing a loved one to this virus cannot be compared to what most of us have experienced.

All of this has undoubtedly left us feeling a gambit of emotions: fear, anger, disillusion, confusion, disappointment, frustration, worry, despair.

And yet, we look to Sunday. Maybe now more than ever, we need the power of Easter Sunday in our lives, in our community, and our world. We need resurrection now more than ever.

As the Great Henri Nouwen put it, “Easter brings the awareness that God is present even when God's presence in not directly noticed…Easter allows us to affirm that although God seems very distant and although we remain preoccupied with many little things, our Lord walks with us on the road and keeps explaining the Scriptures to us.” (A Cry for Mercy)

How might you experience the power of the resurrection in your life? How might you express the resurrection to others? How might you be a part of this community experiencing resurrection? What role can you play in our world experiencing resurrection?

We need the resurrection now more than ever.

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