March 27-29

Essential Conversations for Healthy Partnerships


The transcendently wise Dr. Seuss wrote, "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
We are a culture obsessed with love. Just a quick Google search yielded 25,270,000,000 responses with countless articles, books, dating sites, philosopher profiles, poets, movies love, and endless other options about love.
For many, love is translated into dating relationships and marriage. 
One thing you can say about relationships is that they are complicated because people are complicated. 
The miracle of relationships is the blending of two habit formed people united together despite their many differences in habits, thoughts, perspectives, priorities, wants, needs, and communication styles. 
But something happens when you begin to share life with another, everything you thought you had done before somehow looks and feels different. It still doesn’t make it easy. 
UBC is an inclusively nurturing faith community for people in an array of relationship statuses, whether single, dating, married, in life-long partnerships, or it’s complicated. 


Event Snapshot

UBC will host a Relationship Forum, March 27-29. The Forum will center around a few keynote addresses, small group conversations, and space for one-on-one dialogue.

The Forum will kick off on Friday at 6:00 pm with dinner, a keynote address, and small group conversations, wrapping up by 8:30 pm. 
After a Saturday morning break, the Forum will pick back up at 11:00 am with one-on-one sessions, small group conversations, and a keynote address, wrapping up by 2:30 pm. 
The weekend will wrap up on Sunday at 9:00 am with small group conversations, and final keynote address during worship at 10:30 am. 


The cost of the weekend is $75 per couple and $35 for singles. The fee covers two meals, snacks, forum materials, and on-site childcare. 

Share the Love

Know of someone or a couple that would benefit from the weekend? This event is open for all. You are encouraged to invite others to join.

Click here to download and share the event flier. 


Register by February 17 to receive a $15 discount for couples by using the promo code “15OFF.”


Singles can receive a $10 discount by registering by February 17 with the promo code “10OFF.”

Regular registration ends on March 13.


After March 13, a late registration fee of $15 will be added to couples and singles.