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Image by César Viteri

2022 Ecuador Mission Immersion - July 19-26

Partnerships & Work
The projects will include building water filtration systems, dental and medical care, working with children, and caring for indigenous churches.  
We will be partnering with Rescate Ecuador:
Marco Vinicio and his family have been serving the Chimborazo region for two generations. Their work focuses on health, education, farming, and social care. 
All participants will have the opportunity to serve based on their age and giftedness. 
Most workdays will be 9:00 am to 3:30 pm, with lunch and other breaks incorporated into the day. There is a bit of traveling on some days to the worksite. This might also include an endearing ride in the back of a truck. 

Cost Breakdown: $1,300-1,400 (before fundraising)

Trip expenses will vary slightly once the flights are booked. Additionally, flying out of New Orleans will save the Louisiana group $250-300 per person. 

The trip fees will cover lodging, most meals, transportation, and most trip-related expenses. 

$850-1,000    Airfare 
$30                 One Night Lodging in Quito  
$120               Lodging in Riobamba
$15                 Workday Lunches
$50                 Dinners 
$25                 Trip Insurance 
$TBD              Ministry Partner Costs  

2-Step Payment Process
$100 non-refundable deposit due by September 12
Remaining payment due 40-days before the trip, June 5. 



Trip Schedule
The team will converge from various airports into Miami or Atlanta for the flight to Quito. The team will stay on Wednesday/Thursday night in Quito.
On Thursday/Friday, the team will venture by bus to Riobamba. After settling into the hotel, we will gather supplies for the week and meet our ministry partners. 
Friday/Saturday through Monday/Tuesday will be workdays at various communities in the Chimborazo region. 
On Tuesday/Wednesday, the team will venture back to Riobamba for a day of celebration and visiting the market before flying out that evening. The team will arrive back home before lunch on Thursday/Friday. 
We will be staying in three different hotels on the trip. The room styles are typically two full-size beds with two people per room. 
Our breakfasts will be prepared in-house by the hotel staff. 


Recruiting Team Members 

We will need a variety of team members to help make each of the ministry projects a reality. Therefore, you are commissioned to recruit candidates for the trip. 

Team members do not need to be of the Christian faith, nor members of UBC. However, each person will be vetted for collaboration, safety, and team cohesion.


We are looking for participants who are willing to serve, grow, be stretched, and learn. 
Please be prepared to be with the team for the entire trip. These trips are not designed for individual or small group outings. All team members will be expected to work and participate in group activities. 
Each participant is expected to assist with the various fundraising events if they want to receive assistance. 
Each participant will be expected to attend all team preparation meetings, including fundraising planning meetings and team training in the spring. 
Deadlines for paperwork and trip costs must be met at the set upon dates.

Meetings and Deadlines 

  • September 12th: Deposit Due; Fundraising Planning

  • January 23rd: Update Meeting

  • May 1st: Training Meeting, Part 1; Personal Information Due (full name, date of birth, airline number, t-shirt size)

  • June 5th: Training Meeting, Part 2; Supply Distribution; Final Payment and Paperwork Due


  1. Submit a $100 non-refundable deposit by September 12.  Deposits submitted after September 12 are subject to airfare rate increases. 

  2. Be on the lookout for the next team meeting and fundraising dates.

  3. Apply for a or update your passport.

  4. Recruit others to participate.  


If you have any questions or suggestionss, please contact Andy: or 225-766-9474.

Participant Form

Participants must fill out this form upon submission of trip deposit: (Click Here).


General Information Doc

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