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The Window

The stained glass window of UBC is one of the most noteworthy fixtures of our University Baptist Church, and is the namesake of our weekly publication to church members. In February of 1979, this window was donated to the church by Dr. and Mrs. Mack Vick in honor of Dr. Vick's parents, Maurice and Whit Vick. This project was undertaken by Dr. Paul Dufour, a noted stained glass artist on the LSU faculty.

An excerpt from the book "Celebrating 50 Years", UBC's 50th Anniversary Collection: Dr. Dufour was made aware of the problem of intense light entering the church during the hours of worship and the need to modify and modulate the quantity of light entering. He, therefore, chose the opportunity to use dark colors... Because the church was Baptist...that fact (conveyed) to the artist the idea of water...and was particularly impressed with (Exodus 17:1-7)... Dr. Dufour chose to make a contrast of critical elements (from that passage) that he felt had particular meaning.

  • THE VOICE OF THE LORD: light colors at the top which signify enlightenment

  • THE ROCK: dark colors, which symbolize the hard place from which the soft will flow

  • WATER: opaque glass flowing from top to bottom

  • GREEN PASTURES: greens and yellows at the bottom, symbolizing water making arid land fertile

For up-to-date editions of The Window, visit the Upcoming Initiatives page. 

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