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Retirees & Older Adults
Experiencing the Great Years of Life Together

The Retirees & Older Adults ministry is designed to enhance community and spiritual formation among folks transitioning out of work-life and into the exciting years.  Activities include trips, caring for those in need, fitness opportunities, and special programs.  

Here are some of the reoccurring opportunities: 

Young at Heart 

Young at Heart is a monthly luncheon on the third Wednesday at 12:00 pm. The potluck meal includes an interactive program with various focuses. 

Grand Outings 

Grand Outings take place on the second Wednesday of every month. Each month holds a different activity, with recent outings including eating out and catching a movie together. 

Other Opportunities 

UBC believes in the intergenerational church. While some programs and events are geared towards particular age groups, other opportunities are multi-generational, such as church-wide Gatherings, Connect Groups, and Sunday Spiritual Formation Groups

Caring For Those Unable to Attend 

Through personal visitation, phone calls or writing, we are seeking to care for people unable to attend various functions and worship. 

If you know of someone in need, please contact the office. 


UBC's Retirees are led by Tanya Parks, Minister of Children and Retirees. Please reach out to her with questions, concerns, or interests.

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