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Partnership Giving

UBC designates that 16% of funds given to the budget will be used for missions. Of that 16%, 2.35% goes to cooperative mission organizations and the remaining 13.65% is used for UBC mission programs and activities. UBC allows each person contributing to the budget to choose among three options which determines how their cooperative missions money will be directed. Inform the church financial secretary regarding the option of your choice, which can be changed at any time.  The following shows the details for each option:


Default Option: 2% to Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF), 0.35% to BAGBR

Option 2: 2% to Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), 0.35 % to BAGBR

Option 3: 1% to SBC, 1% to CBF. 0.35% to Baptist Association of Greater Baton Rouge


Special mission offerings are promoted at various times during the year for organizations or agencies such as CBF Missions, CBFLA (the LA CBF organization), IMB (International Mission Board of the SBC), NAMB(North American Mission Board of the SBC) or LBC (Louisiana Baptist Convention). All the money received in these offerings go directly to the mission agency specified.


UBC is also a supporting member of the Interfaith Federation of Greater Baton Rouge.

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