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Using Realm (Online Directory)

Download the complete user guide for using Realm, UBC's online directory (click here). 

What is Realm and why would I want to use it?

Realm is our new church database and communication tool. With it you can do many useful things:

  1. See news from the leaders of your groups.

  2. See photos posted by your group leaders.

  3. See upcoming events scheduled by leaders in all your groups.

  4. See your UBC giving record.

  5. See the groups you are in and the group rosters.

  6. See the list of participants in each group you are in as a member or leader.

  7. View the online church directory.

  8. Maintain your own contact information such as email address, phone numbers, address, etc.

  9. Search quickly for any other church member with a Realm account.

  10. Having an account means that you have established a password to be used with your email address to sign in on your computer to the

  11. Realm website, “".

  12. Communicate quickly with a whole group or anyone in the group using Messages.

  13. As a group leader, you can post attendance for you Sunday School class.


There is an App for your smartphone that lets you do all this, except view the directory, on your smartphone.

To use Realm, you must first get an account. You probably have already received an invitation (see the next page). If not, contact Ron Perritt or

Bonnie Ellis at and we can send you another invitation. 


What to do when you receive the invitation is shown on the following images:

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