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UBC uses its resources to think critically, live creatively, and love continually. 

Do you believe in the vision of UBC? Contribute to our faith community on Sunday mornings or online. 

You can create or manage a reoccurring giving profile, setting up a specified amount of donation and the frequency of giving, by clicking on this button.


(Please note that there is a 2.75 % transaction fee + $0.45 cents each transaction when giving with the credit/debit card. The processing fee of ACH will be 1% plus a $0.45 transaction fee also when giving through Vanco.)


Are you looking to give a one-time gift to UBC for a charitable contribution, the Family Tree Café, or a special event? Click the One-Time Gift button.


(Please note that there will be a 2.6% plus $0.10 fee for contactless payment and manual payments are 3.5% plus a $0.15 fee when giving through Square.)

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