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Mother's Day Out

University Baptist Church Mothers’ Day Out ministry is a 3 and 4 days per week program, for

infants through 4 year-olds

We offer a secure environment and a comprehensive curriculum based on sensory learning and individual learning styles. 


Teacher-directed instruction is combined with child-centered exploration in learning centers such as:


Dramatic Play






**All children benefit from weekly music lessons. 

Our older children also enjoy a weekly worship time in the sanctuary celebrating God’s gifts and presence.**

Schedule & Tuition


Our program uses the All Ready Curriculum, written by Mary Ann Girard, M. Ed., Executive Director of Champions for Children. Based on current brain development research, the extensive lessons offer literacy, math, science, and language experiences, while promoting critical thinking skills, problem solving, and creativity. Teacher-directed instruction is combined with child-centered exploration in learning centers such as:


Art/Music...expressing ideas and feelings, experimenting with materials

Homeliving/Dramatic Play...practicing being part of a family and a community, imagining

Books...exploring books and language, developing a love of reading

Blocks/Construction...gaining a practical, working knowledge of mathematical concepts (size, shape, balance, area, classification, seriation, patterning, counting, measuring, estimating) and working cooperatively

Writing...experimenting with writing implements, developing fine motor skills, communicating through drawing and printing

Manipulatives/Puzzles...developing abilities to think creatively and solve problems, eye-hand coordination

Sensory/Science...using our five sense to make connections between the world in which we live and the God who made it

Hours & Days of Operation

The School Year

September through May (in general accordance with public system calendars)


9 AM - 2 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

9 AM - 12 PM on Friday for 4 year Pre-K


Low Child/Teacher Ratio

  • Video Monitors in every Classroom

  • May be viewed by parents from a secure, password protected online system

ABC Music and Me 

Curriculum by Kinder musik International

Weekly Worship Time for Older Classes 



Infants (6 months old) through Two Year-Olds may choose between:

  • 1 day per week –  $175/month 

  • 2 days per week  –  $250/month 

  • 3 days per week (T, W, Th) – $310/month 


Three Year-Olds 

  • 3 days per week   –  $310/month 


Four year-old Pre-Kindergarten 

  • 4 days per week (T,W,Th 9am-2pm, Fri. 9-12)  – $360/month 

*Note: An additional child or children in the same family will receive a tuition discount of $25/month.

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Open Registration for
2022-23 School Year

We are very grateful for your interest in University Baptist Church’s Mother’s Day Out program! Upon receipt of this form you are invited to apply for an open spot in a September classroom corresponding to your child’s age. Positions for new students will be filled on a first-come/first-served basis beginning Friday, January 29th.


A Non Refundable Registration Fee of $200 ($175 for second child) must accompany this application. However, your check will not be cashed until we are certain that a space is available. You will be informed by email whether your child’s enrollment is guaranteed (at which point your check will be cashed) or whether you are on a waiting list (at which point your check will be held uncashed until enrollment).


We truly wish that we could enroll each child, but we are dedicated to maintaining small student/teacher ratios in order to provide the best possible care and learning for the children.

Click here for Application (pdf): 2022-23 School Year Application

Click 'Register Now' to Register


Email –

Fax – 225-766-9101

In Person – T/W/Th 9am-2pm & Fri. 9am-12pm

Mail – 5775 Highland Road, Baton Rouge, LA  70808

MDO's Response to COVID-19

University Baptist Mother’s Day Out is setting these guidelines due to COVID which are requirements by the CDC and recommendations from the LDOE.

Face Coverings: 

  • All children over the age of 3 have the OPTION to wear a mask.

  • All adults will wear a face mask at all times. CDC recommends that people wear a cloth face covering that goes over the nose and covers the mouth.


Social Distancing strategies:

  • The same staff members and students will be together each day.

  • There will be no mixing of classes or teachers and will provide separate outdoor playtimes.

  • Teachers will place the children as far apart as possible for nap time and alternate their sleeping position on the floor. Bedding will be washed daily. 

  • No visitors will enter the facility.


Strict Cleaning and Disinfecting Strategies:

  • Teachers/staff will follow a strict cleaning schedule by routinely cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting surfaces and objects touched and played with often. 

  • Teachers will disinfect before students arrive, during the day, and after the students leave for the day.

  • The tablets will be cleaned after anyone signs their child in or out on the ProCare system. 

  • Staff and children will wash their hands frequently throughout the day and use proper handwashing techniques. 

  • When going outside, one teacher will stay inside to disinfect.


Playground sanitizing/modifications:

  • Teachers are responsible for cleaning all the outside toys when done playing to prepare for the next class to go out.

  • Only one class will go on each playground at a time. The classes should remain separated and on their side of the fence. 

Children’s Lunch:

  • All children will eat lunch in their classrooms to prevent mixing with other classes.



  • All napping mats, masks, and change of clothes will be left at the center and will be washed by the staff every day.

Modified drop off and pick up procedures:

  • Parents will drop off the children from their vehicle in the carpool lane where a staff member will guide the child to their classrooms after asking parents the questions recommended by the CDC. There will also be a temperature check at this time. 

  • Children will wash hands outside of the classrooms before entering. 

  • Younger children will enter the main doorway and the older children will enter from the front doorway.


Screening upon arrival:

  • Temperatures will be taken daily using a no-touch thermometer.

  • Children/Staff who have a fever of 99.4 or above or other signs of illness will not be admitted into the facility.

  • Temperatures will be taken throughout the day and logged.

  • Parents will be asked questions at arrival such as if the child has exhibited shortness of breath or been exposed to anyone with COVID. 

Exclusion of Children and Staff:

  • Children with a fever, cough, congestion, or runny nose should remain home.

  • People who have a fever of 99.4 or higher or show signs of any other illness will be sent home. Due to COVID, children cannot return after 24 hours fever-free as they have in the past. 

  • If a child is sent home with a fever, they cannot return until 7 days after the illness begins or at least 3 days after the fever is gone, and there is resolution or improvement of respiratory symptoms. Children will need a doctor’s note also to return. 

  • Any diagnosed with COVID will be excluded from the center for 14-21 days and must be symptom-free before returning.

  • Any child who becomes ill will be brought to the directors’ office to remain quarantined until picked up.

  • If a child that has become ill has a sibling, the sibling will also have to be excluded from the center until 7 days after the illness begins or at least 3 days after the fever is gone, and there is resolution or improvement of respiratory symptoms.  Siblings can return once the child who is ill has a doctor note saying they aren’t contagious.


Supplies needed for children:

  • Diapers or pull-ups in a sealed bag (no loose diapers)

  • Two changes of clothes (labeled)

  • Sippy Cup labeled to be used at the center

  • Bottles in a bag labeled with child’s name



  • Staff will wear masks

  • Aprons worn over their clothing will be left at the center and washed daily.

For a .pdf copy of these guidelines, click here.