Mother's Day Out

University Baptist Church Mothers’ Day Out ministry is a 3 and 4 day/week program for infants through 4 year-olds.  Our little friends experience a loving, secure environment and a comprehensive curriculum based on sensory learning and individual learning styles.  Research shows that the early years play a crucial role in children’s brain development.  Life-long learning experiences are formed when children use their senses to explore.  Teacher-directed instruction is combined with child-centered exploration in learning centers such as:


Dramatic Play







All children benefit from weekly music lessons.  Our older children also enjoy a weekly worship time in the sanctuary celebrating God’s gifts and presence all around them.

Schedule & Tuition

Infants (Baby Birds Class)

1 day/week - $150/month

2 days/week  - $230/month

3 days/week (Tues-Thur) - $300/month


Toddlers Through Two Year Olds

(Chameleons, Squirrels, Bunnies)

1 day/week  - $150/month

2 days/week  - $230/month

3 days/week (Tues-Thur)  - $300/month


Three Year Olds (Monkeys, Bear Cubs)

3 days/week (Tues - Thurs) - $300


Four Year Olds Pre-K (Tiger Cubs)

4 days/week (Tues - Thurs, 9am-2pm; Fri, 9am-12pm ) - $350/month


*Note: An additional child or children in the same family will receive a tuition discount of $25/month.

Hours & Days of Operation

The School Year

September through May in general accordance with public system calendars.


9 am through 2 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and 9 am - 12 pm on Friday for 4 year Pre-K

A Place for Your Child 

Low Child/Teacher Ratio

Video Monitors in every Classroom

May be viewed by parents from a secure, password protected online system

ABC Music and Me 

Curriculum by Kindermusik International

Weekly Worship Time for Older Classes 


Our program uses the All Ready Curriculum, written by Mary Ann Girard, M. Ed., Executive Director of Champions for Children. Based on current brain development research, the extensive lessons offer literacy, math, science, and language experiences, while promoting critical thinking skills, problem solving, and creativity. Teacher-directed instruction is combined with child-centered exploration in learning centers such as:


Art/Music...expressing ideas and feelings, experimenting with materials

Homeliving/Dramatic Play...practicing being part of a family and a community, imagining

Books...exploring books and language, developing a love of reading

Blocks/Construction...gaining a practical, working knowledge of mathematical concepts (size, shape, balance, area, classification, seriation, patterning, counting, measuring, estimating) and working cooperatively

Writing...experimenting with writing implements, developing fine motor skills, communicating through drawing and printing

Manipulatives/Puzzles...developing abilities to think creatively and solve problems, eye-hand coordination

Sensory/Science...using our five sense to make connections between the world in which we live and the God who made it



Spiritual Formation       9:00AM

Coffee & Community    10:00AM
Worship                        10:30AM




5775 Highland Rd

Baton Rouge, LA 70808



9:00 am - 4:30 pm