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Creating Comfortable Spaces For Our Congregation and Community


        Throughout our 75 years, God has blessed this congregation with a beautiful campus and facilities.

        We have been good stewards of these facilities, not just for our own use, but for the use of the community. Many groups have found a "home" here, from time-tested initiatives like Mothers Day Out, Church of the Nations and Family Tree Cafe, to more recent partners like Hansarang Korean Church and the Chinese Language School. In any given week, hundreds of people are making good use of our beautiful spaces!

        This capital campaign will fund a much-needed overhaul of the heating and air conditioning systems in our facilities, so that we can keep providing useful, comfortable spaces for our congregation and our many community partners.


        Much of our current equipment was installed during our large construction projects in 1977, meaning that some units are nearly 50 years old. Many of the control components no longer function, and the wiring and materials have deteriorated over the years, now requiring daily adjustments and coaxing, and frequent expensive repairs.

How Will This Campaign Help Solve This Problem?

        This project will install newer, more advanced, equipment which will be easier and much less expensive to operate. Besides new heating and cooling equipment, the project will also fund a campus-wide environmental system, allowing us to have greater control over the use of the air systems - and helping us become even better stewards of our environment and energy costs.

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