• UBC's Music Scholarship Program offers students the opportunity to share their musical talents while having a holistic and healthy experience of the Christian tradition through our unique, open, affirming, and progressive faith community. 

  • UBC fosters a creative culture for students exploring the ministry of music and worship through our dynamic theologically and musically trained pastoral staff and membership. 

  • Scholarship students participate in a rehearsal on Wednesday evenings with UBC musicians along with a warm-up time and worship service on Sunday mornings. There may be up to one additional evening performance call per semester.

  • In turn, UBC strives to offer a care network for students, foster authentic community, and provide coaching from UBC's pastoral staff. 

  • Auditions for the program take place in August and January, while the scholarship program occurs during the academic school year.  

  • To apply for the scholarship program, 1) complete and submit the application below; and 2) submit a resume, performance resume or CV to Justin Langford (Minister of Worship) at  justin@ubc-br.org.

Music Scholarship Program

Scholarship Application 
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If selected for the scholarship program, do you agree to attend weekly rehearsal, warm-up, and full worship service, along with receiving $40 per call in scholarship funds?

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