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Celebrating Dr. Benjamin Harlan

Updated: May 17, 2019

In his novel, Radiance of Tomorrow, Ishmael Beah wrote, “We must live in the radiance of tomorrow…For what is yet to come tomorrow has possibilities, and we must think of it, the simplest glimpse of that possibility of goodness. That will be our strength. That has always been our strength.”

Transitions are always difficult. For it is during such times that we recognize the blessings of our past and present chapters, wishing we had cherished and enjoyed their pages more thoroughly.

We are looking to “tomorrow,” for our tomorrow brings the retirement of Dr. Benjamin Harlan.

For the last three years, Benjie has served as our Minister of Music. Titles are a funny thing, for they never fully capture the character and quality of the individuals who hold them. Yet for those that know him well, Benjie has brought superb creativity and professionalism to his craft.

If you don’t believe me, then just listen to him stroke the keys on the grand piano in the sanctuary or audit a choir practice.

Church vocations also bring a unique facet to the workplace and our families. Commissioning Benjie off into the next chapter of his life cannot go without recognizing the quality and joy of Connie.

While my time with both of these two outstanding individuals was merely 11 months and some change, I am grateful for their witness to and the impact of their relationship with our faith community.

And so, tomorrow brings glimpses of goodness, for we know what has prepared us for it, the journey we have experienced with the Harlans.

Please join me in prayer for their new chapter and sharing blessings for the impact they have had on you.


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