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Crawfish Boil Gathering on March 24

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Something strange happened to me within the last few days. I met a Louisiana native that does not like crawfish. Just to be clear, I described the crustaceans in question; “We are talking about little lobsters, right?”

This is like a New Englander not liking clam chowder (did you make the “ow” sound like a Bostonian in your head?), a North Carolinian not liking BBQ, or a Texan not liking beef.

Hey, I get it. We should not be subjected or objectified by our regional culinary associations. Though, I’d be happy to eat this person’s share of crawfish.

You might love crawfish and you might be a closeted crawfish hater. Nevertheless, we will have something for you at the March 24 Crawfish Boil Gathering.

Much like our Summer Gatherings, this gathering will center around an intentional conversation to build community and foster creativity within UBC. As an essential piece of the UBC puzzle, all UBC members are invited.

We hope you will also extend an invitation to someone you’d like to introduce to our faith community.

The meal preparation will be the starting place of the intentional conversation. We are asking participants to sign up to bring specific items, such as cooked shucked corn on the cobb, cooked potatoes, sausages, and cooked crawfish. Of course, there are some other items you can sign up to bring that will not make it into the boil, such as desserts and sides.

Sign up to bring an item here:

Much like the meal, we bring a unique set of strengths, passions, and gifts to our faith community. We hope you will join the gathering as we discover each other’s unique contribution.

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