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Enter the Chili Cook-Off @ the Fall Gathering – October 24

Enter the Fall Gathering Chili Cook-Off for $25 per contestant and a chance to win ¼ of the entry fees. The proceeds from the contest will benefit our partnership in Ecuador.

Follow these steps to enter:

  1. Complete the contestant registration form by Thursday, October 21:

  2. Cook a large crockpot of the chili of your choice.

  3. Arrive at the Fellowship Hall by 4:00 pm with a spoon, serving ladle, and extension cord. Cups and tasting spoons will be provided.

  4. Bring $25 cash

  5. Check-in with Andy, picking up a chili contestant name tag and table sign.

Contestants will serve tastings of chili to guests with a purchased sample pass. Votes will be submitted by tasters to decide the winner.


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