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Exploring Multi-Generational Mission Immersions for UBC

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Why Mission Immersion

Mission immersion (also known as mission trips) are intended to create a space to learn from the work of others, serve those who are serving others, and meet needs in a unique situation.

It can seem quite strange to go somewhere else when there are so many needs around us, doesn’t it?

There are a couple of reasons why we go. First, stepping out of our context expands our worldview. Second, experiencing new ways of ministry enhances what we do at home. Third, encouraging those who are committed to the vocation of missions is an integral role of the church. More importantly, Christ has called us to go beyond home and to the outer parts of the earth. Therefore, we go.

Intergenerational Approach

We are intentionally designing mission immersions to encompass participants of all ages. Our hope is to create a unique experience of learning from each other and experiencing the development of vibrant community that will bolster not only our experience while on mission, but also as we return.

The schedule will be created with flexibility for parents that might need to return early from the site work to allow a child to take a nap.

Each of the projects are custom designed for the appropriate age. In other words, a 5-year old will not be handling a saw blade atop a roofing project…

Equally, we take a modest pace to each day, allowing for rest.

Our hope is to identify partnerships and projects that will tap into the giftedness of those that serve both with their hands and their presence.


In partnership with CBF, we have a plethora of opportunities to serve alongside those doing the work of the Kingdom in Oklahoma, along the Texas-Mexico Border, and in the Mississippi Delta region (Mississippi or Arkansas).

Our goal is to facilitate an opportunity for a diversity of ages, tapping into the various skill sets and abilities of immersion participants.

Our hope is to identify a partner within an easy driving distance. The trip schedule will be five to six days, which includes traveling and serving days.


We have two opportunities to explore in the countries of Cuba and Ecuador.

Within the last year, a small group from UBC and Andy Hale experienced a partnership with Baptist churches in Cuba. This unique mission immersion opens us to the ministry of presence, encouragement, and learning from others.

Over the last 12 years, Andy Hale has developed a partnership with Rescaté Ecuador. This ministry partnership is based in Cajabamba, centering its work on building water filtration systems, dental and medical care, work with children, and caring for indigenous churches.

The estimated cost of the international mission immersion is $1,200-1,500 before fundraising.

What’s Next?

The purpose of our meeting today is to identify range of interest, age-range of participants, availability, and financial budget.

In short, we want to hear your questions and help resolve any problems from you experiencing the work of God in and through you.

We have three to four locations in mind for this year’s immersion. However, some of the locations have time sensitive dates and age restrictions.

We will try to keep the trips affordable for everyone. Additionally, we will do fundraising to help reduce the cost.

After identifying the primary participants and their needs, we will zero in on a location, dates, housing, and costs.

There will be additional information and meetings to come.


If you have any questions, suggestions, or sarcastic remarks, please contact the following staff:

» Children:

» College and Adults:


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