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February 10th Gumbo Cook Off Gathering

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

I know. I know that someone just read that title and thought, “Well, what if I don’t like gumbo.”

Hey, I get it. We all have things that we don’t enjoy eating. Does anyone really enjoy eating squash casserole or dry steak?

But what if this gathering is more about being together and less about gumbo? And if you can’t get over the gumboness of this gathering, then bring a sandwich.

On February 10, we will host a Gumbo-Off. Participants will have the opportunity to sample a variety of stews and pay to vote towards the winner. Along with eating, as with all of our Gatherings, we will have some intentional and delightful activities. The gathering will kick off at 4:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall.

Since the proceeds from the gathering will benefit our 2019 mission immersions, participants are encouraged to bring a donation and purchase voting tickets.

We need gumbo cooks to enter the contest. For $20, you can provide needed resources for our missional partnerships, feed the masses of gathering participants, and have a chance at glory.

Contestants should arrive by 4:00 pm with least 6 quarts of gumbo (crock pot size), bringing one large and one small serving spoon, drop cord and strip cord/surge protector, and $20 cash.

Our goal is to have at least 30 contestants. After the contestants have submitted their judging samples, gathering participants will enjoy the variety of options. The winner will receive up to $100 cash.

Sign up to be a gumbo contestant here:


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