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Fulcher Accepted into CBF Fellows Program

In 2012, I was accepted into a program that changed the trajectory of how I pastor, lead, and collaborate with others. The program was the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship's Fellows Program.

For two years, I met alongside 20 other ministers from around the country as we learned from some of the best minds within CBF and the Center for Congregational Health. We studied architecture for leadership, self-care, family systems theory, conflict management, leading difficult conversations, the life cycle and stages of congregational development, contextual leadership, empowering congregational change, asset mapping, and so much more.

The most valuable and intangible takeaways were the sustained community I formed with mentors and colleagues that, to this day, shape and inform who I am as an individual and a pastor. These are people who are always one text or phone call away for giving perspective and wisdom.

Knowing the tremendous asset this program is for an individual and the congregations they serve, I am proud to announce that Eric Fulcher has been accepted into the 2020-2022 CBF Fellows Cohort.

Eric will experience continued education opportunities in six face-to-face gatherings, peer learning & guidance in-between sessions, individual sessions with a trained coach, and learning experiences designed around on-going CBF events to allow for maximum exposure to CBF staff and resources.

To increase the program's reach and effectiveness, we will commit to providing Eric with a Minister Encouragement Team for their Fellow. This team offers regular encouragement and stability to the minister, which helps sustain her or him not only between Fellows Cohort gatherings but also as a young Congregational minister.

It is a tremendous honor to be accepted into this highly competitive program, not only for the individual but for the congregations he or she serves.

Please join me in congratulating Eric on this most excellent achievement and University Baptist Church for collaborating with him and CBF as we seek to enhance our congregation and the ministers who serve us.

On behalf of the ministerial staff, I want to express my most profound gratitude for our congregation's desire to see our clergy grow and thrive. Thank you for providing the resources and space to make this possible.


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