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Investing in the Soccer Academy

The Gospels give us an in-depth look at the life and ministry of Jesus. One thing is abundantly clear from Jesus is that for every chapter of his teachings, we also encounter him breaking bread with others and meeting people where they were. There is a theological term for this, incarnational presence.

Jesus’ incarnational presence teaches us that ministry is not always about preaching, worship, or charity; it is also about presence. We are called to be Jesus’ incarnational presence in the world. We are invited to be available in the lives of our neighbors.

The Academy, while it is offering a fantastic soccer program for children, is a unique opportunity for us to build authentic community with young families, care for their children, and invite them to be a part of UBC. The Academy is an opportunity to be the incarnational presence of Jesus in the lives of children and their families.

UBC Soccer Academy is about to embark on its third 6-week experience, February 29-April 4.

To make this Academy a reality, we must not depend on staff and our young families alone. We need your help with a variety of opportunities: signing up to set-up, check-in players (check players off roster and provide name tag), water station (set-up and give water to players), participant care (provide water to parents and provide other assistance), coaches (run activities and manage games), or group leader (guide groups to each activity station).

All of these opportunities do not require a six-week commitment. Sign up to help with one or two Saturdays, a 30 to 90-minute commitment, or for one of the weekday opportunities.

You can also promote the Academy by providing marketing material to friends, family, colleagues, and co-workers. Pick up some of the printed material around UBC’s campus or share the Academy’s material via email and/or social media posts.

To help us organize volunteers, please sign up by clicking on the picture above.

Thank you for your willingness to step into this unique opportunity to be available for our neighbors.


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