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Kingdom/ModgniK Series

From time-to-time, we humans get things wrong. I know, shocker. I would never have bet my life savings on that fact.

Take, for example, in the summer I spent in the country of Sri Lanka; I learned two altering facts about the banana fruit. First, it grows upside down. Second, it is not really upside down or backward because you are probably eating your banana all wrong.

When you grab a banana, you are most likely to take the cut off portion of the stem and tearing down. Unless it is ripe, the peel does not tear cleanly, and you probably have to pluck out those stringy hairy things.

Did you know that you are supposed to tear the banana from the bottom up? You’ll have no stringy hairy things, and the peel will come away cleanly.

In reality, you have not learned a backward way of eating a banana, but the way it was intended, just like it does grow right-side-up and not upside down.

The invitation to follow Jesus is the same. Through Jesus, we are invited to see the world and live our lives in the way that God intended for us, forwards, or right-side-up.

The more and more you study the words and actions of Jesus, you will see that he is taking a world that has turned itself upside down, and he is turning it right-side-up.

Jesus is teaching and showing us that our world is backward and upside down. He is inviting us to a course correction.

Or to use Jesus terminology, we are living in a backward Modgnik, and Jesus is inviting us into a Kingdom.

This Sunday, we are beginning a new series entitled, “Kingdom/ModginK:

Through Story, Jesus Turns a Backwards World in the Right Direction.” Join us as we examine the medium of parables from the Gospel of Luke.


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