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SGI Teams Connecting Via Phone and Video Calls

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Things have rapidly shifted since our March 8th SGI Luncheon. We are living in a new normal for the foreseeable future.

While living and leading through this crisis requires a new way, it does not mean that we have to lose the momentum gained from the SGI process.

As we have done for each of our Spiritual Formation and Sunday School Groups, we are providing a platform for your team to meet via phone call and/or video chat.

SGI Team Leaders will be reaching out to members over the next couple of days to schedule at phone or video call meeting sometime in the next two weeks. This will be a brief meeting, centered on review, prayer, and formation.

Check with your team lead for more information: Spiritual Formation, Martha Forbes; Silent/Traditionalist, Bubba Henry; Baby Boomers, David Patterson; Generation X, Ken Tipton; Millennials, Kristy Campbell & Kristen Crifasi; Gen Z (college & older), Sheri Wischusen; Gen Z (youth & younger), Rebecca Acosta; Care System, Katie Boyd; MDO Expansion, David Campbell; Diverse Worship, Trippe Hawthorne.

We are looking ahead to our tentatively scheduled next luncheon, April 26th. We realize that this may or may not happen. If we cannot meet in-person, we will ask that the teams meet directly after worship via Zoom (phone or video calls). Please ask your team to hold this date and time for further discussion.

Thank you for your continued participation in the growth of our church.


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