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Update on Superheroes of Kindness

Super heroes of Kindness shared a visit with Mrs.Cherry Breland. We read the" Hare who lost his Hair "and learned what it would feel like to get sick and need yucky medicine that would make you better but would also make you lose your hair. The kids decorated wig boxes to help raise money to purchase wigs and head scarves for survivors. Cherry showed her wig and brought several that the kids could try on. What a powerful moment!

Hair is that daily thing we have to wash and comb. We love it or we hate it on any given day. But, for someone who has lost their hair due to an illness hair may be the 1 thing they want more than anything else. This month our Superheroes will gather to help decorate wig boxes for a local charity that collects $ to provide wigs for people who don't have access to or can't afford a wig. We will read " The Hare who lost her Hair" and witness the joy of a child receiving his/her own wig.


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