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The Pane: UBC and Recycling

Have you noticed any of these blue bins around UBC’s campus?  If not, have a look around next time you’re here – you’re sure to spot them.

One of my hopes during this interim period is to keep encouraging UBC to be the best possible stewards of our environment.  As God’s people, we’ve had a task from the very beginning:  to care for God’s world as best as we know how. 

But how can we, as a congregation, do our part to care for the world?  The same simple ways you do it at home:

  • We’ve placed blue recycling containers around the campus.  Please use these bins only for paper and plastics that can be recycled.

  • We’re reviewing the number of printed materials we use regularly – worship guides, newsletters and business meeting packets – to make sure we’re conserving paper.  Please take only what you need!

  • In most areas of the building, the thermostats have timers or schedules to ensure we’re not using the air systems when they’re not needed.

We want our campus to be beautiful, functional and comfortable, while still being good stewards of what God’s given us!  Please help us – use the recycling bins around campus, and turn off the lights when you leave the room.  If you have other ideas that will help us be an eco-friendly campus, please let us know!

Grace and Peace,

John Parks

University Baptist Church


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