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The Pane: Worship Through Acts of Compassion and Service

If there is one thing that most churches do well, it is worship. That is the kind of worship that involves singing, praying, reading scripture, meditating on a sermon, and partaking in communion.

But have you ever participated in the other types of worship? No, I’m not talking about snake handling, dancing, speaking in tongues, or drinking poison. However, it must be noted that at least one snake-handling pastor dies per year from a snake bite. So please do not bring a snake to worship next Sunday!

For most of us, we associate worship with a church building, instruments, vocalists, hymns, pews, and the like. But who defined this as all that worship is supposed to be?

What if the worship that God also desires is what we do with our lives, with our hands, with the way we treat our neighbor? What would it look like to commit to this type of worship as a church?

On January 30, UBC will worship through acts of compassion and service on our first Missions Sunday. Both Sunday School Classes and worship participants are invited to participate in several mission projects on campus and around the community.

The projects are designed to provide each person, no matter their age, station of life, or skill set, the opportunity to contribute to the worship of loving God by loving our neighbors.

Missions Sunday will kick off at 9:00 am in the Fellowship Hall for donuts and coffee. After a brief introduction and praying over the participants, the missions teams will begin their various projects, from writing care letters to missionaries to packing kindness bags for those experiencing homelessness to cooking a meal for Open Air Ministry to serving the meal. Most ministry projects will wrap up by 11:30 am.

We recognize that this is a different experience than most are accustomed to on a Sunday morning. However, we invite you to step out in faith with us as we worship this one Sunday, not in the sanctuary but serving together.

Won’t you come to serve and worship with us?


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