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The Window: June 30th, 2022

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The Pane: Introducing Alison Orozco

In the coming weeks, we're giving you a chance to get to know some of the newest additions to the UBC staff.

You might not have met our Alison Orozco, UBC's Office Specialist, but you've definitely seen her talents! She handles the design and delivery of the church's communication - including the newsletter you're reading right now. In the past few months, Alison has helped us find beautiful and engaging ways to get information out about special events, worship, Family Tree Cafe, Mother's Day Out...every ministry area of the church benefits from her skills and experience! She was born and raised in the outskirts of Columbus, Georgia, but moved to Baton Rouge with her husband and daughter in 2020. She has a B.S. in Graphic Design with a minor in Computer Science.

How do you see your role here at UBC?

I see my role here as providing current or upcoming information/events in digital and print format that's geared toward legibility, forming visual consistency, being easy to interact with, and eye catching. I see this as being the curator of how the church receives information, in not only a visually pleasing way, but also to form a relationship between ministries and their members. If I can make signing up for an event a seamless task then I've done my job for the church correctly and that makes me happy!

What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?

My favorite thing is to either illustrate on my Ipad at CC's Coffee House or tending to my back porch plants. I love to sit and doodle with a CC's "Number 22". I have a bit of a green thumb and nothing makes me happier than getting my hands dirty and repotting a plant.

What’s your favorite place in Baton Rouge?

My favorite place is probably The Burden Botanical Gardens on Essen Lane. It's right down the road from my apartment and allows me to get out in nature while having a place for my daughter and I to explore together. They always have great events and bird watching is on my to do list.

What’s a book you’d recommend to almost anybody, and why?

Being a parent to a 2 and a half year old, I cannot recommend enough any children's book illustrated and/or written by Jon Klassen. His way of illustrating subtle humor will give any adult a chuckle while reading at bedtime. Right now, my daughter is obsessed with the book Triangle and We Found A Hat. A lot of the endings are left up to the imagination, so every time you read them, it allow for different interpretations; Sometimes it can be make-believe or sometimes practical solutions!


UBC Office Closure

Summer Gathering

Our next Summer Gathering is July 10th at 4pm. Join us for either Disc Golf, Succulent Planting, or a Music Jam Session! Don’t forget to sign your child up for our FREE Kids' Club. While you enjoy Summer Gathering, your child will be enjoying all the fun of Kids' Club! Dinner will be served after activities!

Fall Soccer Academy: Early Bird Registration

Early Bird Soccer Registration opens July 6th! Don’t be late!

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Get to Know the New Faces of UBC

Welcome Mavis Guelker to UBC!

Please welcome our newest member Mavis Guelker to UBC! When you have the time, please personally welcome her to our church and introduce yourself! We are happy to have you Mavis!

Barnabas Project: July 3rd

Join us for our monthly Barnabas Project Partners meet up this Sunday, July 3rd. Interested in becoming a Barnabas Project Partner? Contact Tanya at

Retirees' Outing: Water Campus

Our Retirees’ will be having an outing July 13th at The Water Campus. Meet up as a group at 11:30AM OR just meet us there by 1:15PM. We Hope to see you there!

Please Register HERE: