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The Window: November 3, 2022

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

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I think you’ll agree with me that our Fall Gathering on Sunday was a great success!  We had great attendance from the community, and fantastic participation by UBC folks – it took all of us working together to make things happen. 

Here are some unofficial numbers:

·         An estimated 150 total people were present at the gathering.

·         We had 12 chili cookoff contestants, who made some fantastic (and a couple of fantastically spicy) pots of chili.  Congratulations to Ben Giamalva who won first place in the cookoff with 27 votes!

·         About 50 volunteers worked together to set up, coordinate children’s activities, cook food, decorate cars, and clean up when all was done.

·         Together with registrations, ticket sales and other donations, we raised $800 to contribute to Open Air Ministries.

The numbers only tell part of the story – no one can count the number of laughs, smiles and deep conversations that make up the true story of the Fall Gathering.  This annual event is such a vital part of what UBC is all about – being together, serving the community, and having fun while we do it. 

So on behalf of the staff, organizers and many community members who enjoyed the event - THANK YOU for all you did to make the 2022 Fall Gathering such a success!

 - Jon


Partnership with Hansarang

Korean Congregation

Maybe you’ve noticed some new faces and signs around campus in the last few weeks… The Hansarang Korean Church has begun meeting on our campus on Sunday afternoons.  This congregation, founded in 2008, was previously meeting in another church campus on the east edge of the city. 

After several weeks of conversations, the Space Partnership Team came to an agreement with Pastor Kiseong Lee and his leadership team.  They began worship in our Chapel building on the first Sunday in October.

This new partnership is a blessing to UBC – our beautiful facilities can be utilized by yet another group focused on building God’s kingdom.  Plus, it gives us an opportunity to do some much-needed cleanup and minor renovations to our chapel building.

So if you see pastor Kiseong Lee or any of the Hansarang congregation around UBC, please offer them a warm welcome to our campus!



UBC 75th Anniversary

Please save the date for UBC’s 75th Anniversary!

Please extend this invitation to past members

or anyone whom you feel would like to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

For more information,

please contact Jon Parks at


Faith, Community, & Justice Connect Group



Barnabas Project Partners: November 6th

Retirees' Luncheon: November 9th

Retirees' Outing: November 15th

Young Adults Night Out: November 18th

Volunteer as a Reading Friend!

Our ongoing partnership with Highland Elementary

is a unique and special relationship!

We are looking for volunteers willing to share time as a Reading Friend.

For 30-45 minutes each week, you can invest in the life of an elementary-aged student by reading with them. Organized through Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS), this established program has made a difference in the lives of students all over the city-parish... simply by spending intentional time sitting with a child to encourage and read together.

Can you be a Reading Friend?

Contact the church office and we'll help you get started!



Kids Outing: November 13th

Upcoming Events

Spiritual Formation

Children ages Kindergarten to fifth grade - come join us during Spiritual Formation hour for a time of learning and fun. We will be studying the story of the Israelites and learning about how their story might connect to ours.

We hope you will join us!