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Yard Sale on *April 25th*, Items and Volunteers Wanted

The Ecuador Team will be hosting a Yard Sale tentatively scheduled for April 25th. Funds raised will benefit the June 2020 Mission Immersion.

For this event to be a success, we will need a variety of items and volunteers.

Let’s talk about donating items. Sometimes, it is more important to talk about what we are not collecting versus what we are receiving.

We will NOT accept the following items:

· Clothes

· Kitchen Knick-Knacks

· Silverware

· Kitchen serving plates

· Coffee Mugs and Cups

· Books

· VHS tapes

· Large exercise equipment

· Broken or not confident if it is not working items

· Baby cribs and beddings

· Baby car seats

· Computers

· Washers or Dryers

· Magazines

· In poor condition art and picture frames

Please bring your donation items to the church on Sundays or during the week. Loose items should be delivered in zip-lock bags, grocery bags, or boxes. The items will be collected and stored in several classrooms of the Chapel Education wing.

We can pick up large items only, such as furniture. For a pick-up, please contact the office.

We need volunteers to pick up items and to price items before *April 25th* (pricing chart and supplies provided), as well as volunteers to set up, and manage 2-hour shifts at the yard sale.

Please consider giving of our time and signing up here:

We will be producing various advertisements for the Yard Sale in print and online. We invite you to share these advertisements.


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