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But What About You? How Can You Share Your Best Self with UBC?

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Over the last several months, I have written extensively on what facing “next” as a faith community will require of us. You’ve probably participated in the ongoing Together After conversations in your Sunday School and Spiritual Formation groups, considering challenging questions about “next.”

What is difficult is to consider now is what you as an individual can offer to help us boldly step into this new reality.

For some, we don’t consider what we can share because we don’t think we bring anything of value. For others, we are maxed out in all areas of our life and don’t think we have anything left to give. For some, we look at our age or station of life as a hindrance to sharing.

But what if I told you that if each person shares just a little bit of themselves with UBC, then collectively, it doesn’t take much to help us meet next with bold faithfulness and experience success?

The key is that each person shares some of their strengths, passions, resources, and time.

What this moment requires of us is a collective sharing of our best selves for the success of our vision.

So, I’m issuing a challenge to you. Prayerfully consider what you can share of yourself with your faith community.

And as you pray, let me share some of the tangible ways you can volunteer.

  • Greet one Sunday per month before Sunday School or Worship: a 20-minute commitment once per month

  • Assist with children one Sunday per month: a 1.5-hour commitment once per month

  • Learn to run the worship cameras one Sunday per month: a 1-hour commitment once per month

  • Join the Care Team in creating a welcome environment on Sundays: a 1-hour commitment once per month

  • Help with childcare one Friday per month as we rebuild our young adult ministry: a 2.5-hour commitment once per month

  • Participate in an upcoming Gathering: a 2-hour commitment once per month

  • Teach toddlers or children once per month: a 1.5-hour commitment once per month

  • Invite a friend to join you for worship or at UBC event: a 10-minute commitment

  • Join the Retiree Team in creating opportunities for connections: a 1-hour commitment once per month

  • Join the Connect Group Team in creating like-interest opportunities: a 1-hour commitment once per month

If you are willing to take up my challenge and step into one of these volunteer roles, I will personally help you get connected. Please reach out to me at andy@ubc-br.og or 225-766-9474.


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