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Christmas Gathering, December 16

With the Thanksgiving Gathering behind us, it's time to turn our attention to the next church wide gathering on December 16. With an ornament game, photo booth, hot cocoa bar, and dinner, this gathering will be unlike any of our other gatherings.

Sign up online or call the office to bring an item for the meal:

Each person is encouraged to bring a Christmas ornament that will most likely not return home with you. Ornaments can be handmade or store bought; Really, the funnier the ornament the better. Upon arrival, participants will be given a brown paper bag to place the ornament in and drop it off in a collection bin.

UBC gatherings are missional opportunities to invite friends, family, colleagues and neighbors. We want our time together to be a safe space of belonging for all people and a non-intrusive way for others to discover the love of God experienced through UBC. So, that means invite someone to join you.


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