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March 30th Yard Sale: Items & Volunteers Needed

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

UBC will be hosting a yard sale on Saturday, March 30. The funds from the sale will benefit the two summer mission immersions (Atlanta and Ecuador).

In order for this event to be a success, we will need a variety of items and volunteers.

Let’s talk about donating items. Sometimes, it is more important to talk about what we are not collecting verses what we are collecting. We will NOT accept the following items: clothes (yes, that includes underwear), large exercise equipment (leave your Bowflex at home), broken or not certain if it is not working items, baby cribs and beddings, car seats, computers, washers, dryers, or magazines.

Please bring your donation items to the church on Sundays or during the week. Loose items should be brought in zip-lock bags, grocery bags, and/or boxes. The items will be collected and stored in storage rooms in the chapel building.

We can pick up large items, such as furniture. Please contact office by March 25.

For some of our ministries of the church, there might be items you are no longer using. Please label and contact the office with the items we can collect from around the church.

We need volunteers to pick up items and to price items before March 30 (pricing chart and supplies provided); as well as volunteers to set-up, and manage 1.5 hour shifts at the yard sale.

Please consider giving of our time and signing up here:

We will be producing various advertisements for the Yard Sale in print and online. We invite you to share these advertisements.

Sign up information:

Thank you for volunteering for this event.

For those signing up to pick up items, we will contact you as requests come in. Keys to the storage facility will be provided for you.

For those pricing items, labels and a pricing sheet will be provided. Our hope is to have the items priced by March 28.

For those volunteering to work a shift at the yard sale, you will manage the price adjustment with customers. While we are trying to raise funds for the Ecuador Mission Immersion, we do not want to be too hard on the price negotiation. Please note, we will not deliver purchased items.

An instruction guide will be prepared for those working for the set-up to third shift.


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