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SGI Next Steps

On Sunday, the Strategic Growth Initiative launched with a church-wide Gathering. The event focused on exploring the concept of spiritual discernment and creativity. 

We explored Acts 16, in which Paul and his companions face a spiritual roadblock. As Luke puts it, “The Spirit of Jesus would not allow us to enter into Mysia and Bithynia.”

This was frustrating to Paul and his companions since they were trying to do what the church had discerned and voted for them to do. 

Except, God had other plans. These other plans included a Macedonian mission and the spreading of the Gospel into Europe. 

The Strategic Growth Initiative is setting our sights beyond what we can see and have imagined. Together, we are venturing forward to discover how we might be more faithful to God’s call in familiar and new ways. 

You might have missed Sunday’s Gathering. That’s okay. It does not mean you miss out on this process with us. Scheduling snafus should not prevent anyone from bringing their best selves to this process, because everyone matters to this process. 

We invite you to pick up a red SGI packet form the narthex. After you have considered your top two choices of teams, turn in the SGI profile card in the offering plate or to the office. 

Each team will be capped at 8 participants to allow for an equal focus on each initiative. 

The SGI Teams include: Age-Specific Recruiting for the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, Generation Z (college and young adults), Generation Z (youth and younger); Connect Groups; Care System; Diverse Worship Experience; Online Presence; Spiritual Formation Groups. You can find out more information through the SGI packets in the narthex or reading it here (click here).

The next step in the SGI process will include a free lunch on October 13 after worship. Participants will grab their lunch and sit down with their SGI team for a one-hour conversation. Free childcare will also be available. Please RSVP to the office ( or 225-766-9474) by Wednesday, October 9.

Let us boldly step forward together in faith on an adventure of discernment. 


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