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20/20 Vision and SGI Tree

Updated: May 12, 2020

One of the most beautiful stories in the Bible is the Hebrew people crossing the Jordan River into the Promised Land. The culmination of this promise fulfilled generations upon generations in the making.

To incapsulate this moment, God instructed Joshua to pick up 12 large stones from the riverbed as they passed through the receded waters of the Jordan. On the other side, they stacked the stones to create a place of remembrance of what God had, was, and will be doing in their lives as a people.

As we embarked into 2020, we invited you to stack stones as to how you have seen and dream of God at work within and through University Baptist Church. Each of us inscribed on a tag and then hung it on the 20/20 Vision Tree.

Do you remember the stones you stacked, the tags you hung?

Dear Lord, please help the SGI team while they are preparing to help the church grow.

Pray that our eyes & heart can be opened to the direction you (God) want us to go. Show the way to reach all ages to lead them to Christ and keep the church doors open to all.

My prayer is that UBC will increase its ability to guide its members to follow God more closely through spiritual formation.

Dear Lord, continue to strengthen the members of UBC to care for our community.

I pray that God will use each person’s gifts and passions for the growth of our church.

Leveraging a culture of hospitality and care, Lord, helps us to draw others to our church to learn about you. Let us be walking witnesses of your goodness and salvation.

God, I pray that the church is able to carry out your vision for us successfully. That we may recognize our strength and the uniqueness that each member possesses.

May our worship be a heartfelt, genuine offering of praise.

Pray for a passion on behalf of UBC.

That God’s will be done for our church. Each one of us takes a more active role in helping this church to grow.

I pray that fear will not prevent us from taking meaningful steps toward a vision.

There are many more stones, many more prayers, and hopes for the present and future of University Baptist Church.

Remember these stones. Remember how God was at work in our past, is at work in our present, and will be at work in our future.