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The Incarnational Presence of Jesus Through Like-Interest Groups

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Jesus is our trendsetter. Through Jesus, we discover a new way of thinking and living, not only as individuals but also as a faith community.

A few weeks back in worship, we encountered Jesus’ call of Levi, a despicable tax collector. The story shows us that Jesus was willing to step over political, social, and religious boundaries to love all people, including hated people like Levi.

Jesus shows us in this narrative, along with countless other ministry encounters, that ministry is incarnational. Ministry is about being the presence of God’s grace, hope, joy, peace, goodness, and love no matter where we are or if the church organizes it. Ministry is not about drawing a line in the sand of who is in and who is out; it is about going to where people are because God’s love is transcendent.

As a faith community, we are always trying to create opportunities for incarnational ministry, whether it be through the Soccer Academy, MDO, English Conversations, Highland Elementary School Reading Friends, or countless other ways.

One specific way we believe incarnational ministry can be inspired is through our Connect Groups. These like-interest groups are intended to gather people, whether from UBC or friends of UBC, around activities that we do every day, such as running, reading books, board games, learning new cooking methods, and so much more.

Connect Groups are intended to take things that we are already doing and repurpose them with the intentionality of being the presence of Jesus to those involved in the activity.

While some of our most successful groups are composed of young adults, Connect Groups are not for specific ages but a wide range of experiences and stations of life.

We want to equip and promote the like-interest activities you are already doing by giving you encouragement, resources, and publicity.

We want to help you start new groups. Just about any activity could be a Connect Group.

We want to get you connected to existing groups.

We want you to be a part of Connect Groups.

Visit the for up to date information about existing groups or to submit a form to start a new group. Contact Eric ( about your Connect Group needs.


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