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The Window: August 25th, 2022

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UBC Office Closure: Labor Day

FTC Closure: Labor Day

Keep in Your Prayers

Keep in Your Prayers

Fall Soccer Academy: Regular Registration Starts

Regular Registration has begun! Our deadline to register is August 28th! Don’t miss out! Find out all you need to know at

Fall Soccer Academy: Volunteers Needed!



InterFaith Federation: Annual CommUNITY Prayer Breakfast

Tickets for the InterFaith Federation’s Annual CommUNITY Prayer Breakfast can be found at the UBC office. Stop by today to pick yours up! Located at 3112 Convention St. Baton Rouge, La 70806



End of Summer Pool Party

Sign up your family for our Summer Schedule Pool Party! All you need is to register and show up with a smile! We hope you’ll join Mrs.Tanya for our last event of the summer!



MDO is Hiring: Teachers and Teacher's Aides

Mother’s Day Out is hiring for the 2022-2023 school year! We are hiring Teachers and Teacher’s Aides. If you are interested in applying to either position, please visit our website to find job descriptions and how to apply.

MDO is Looking for: Infant Teachers

Mother’s Day Out is hiring for the 2022-2023 school year!We are hiring Infant Teachers. If you are interested in applying to either position, please visit our website to find job descriptions and how to apply.



NOOMA Video Series will be held in the Chapel starting this week!

NOOMA is a video series produced by Flannel that "blends everyday events with discussion about God.”

 The name NOOMA comes from a phonetic spelling of the

Greek word pneuma, meaning "wind or spirit". The video series was created featuring Christian teacher Rob Bell.

There will be coffee and pastries in the Brides Room as well.


  • Welcome

  • Announcements

  • Prayer Requests

  • Video (approximately 10 minutes)

  • Discussion

  • Closing prayer

A New Spiritual Formation Group

It's back to school time and we are doing bags for faculty and staff at Highland Elementary.

We provide the bags while you volunteer to purchase the items!

Items needed are:

  • hand sanitizer

  • 2 snacks - candy, cookies, chips, crackers, etc.

  • post-it notes

  • $10 gift card to WalMart, Target, etc.

The bags will be in the office ready to be filled on Sunday, August 21.

Please bring your items to the church and fill a bag or two by September 18.

Faith After Doubt: A New Spiritual Formation Group

This fall, we are creating a new spiritual formation group to do just that. Have you ever had doubts about your faith or beliefs? You're not alone! Join Eric and Jon for an eight-week discussion (September-October) based on Brian McLaren's book, Faith After Doubt. Sign up by letting us know when you're available and we'll announce the starting date/time in the next two weeks.

A New Spiritual Formation Group

In 2021, Baton Rouge saw 149 murders, which was up significantly from the year 2019, which had 89 murders. Together Baton Rouge is holding meetings entitled “Enough is Enough”. It is time for us to make a stand, so please join us on one of the dates below and be a part of the



August 23rd @6:00 PM - St. Margaret's Episcopal School

2. OLD SOUTH/ DOWNTOWN/LSU REGIONAL COMMUNITY MEETING: September 1st @6:00 PM - Together Baton Rouge Office