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UBC is Hiring for an Office Specialist

Updated: May 5, 2021

The Office Specialist is an assistant to the Office Manager, collaborating with the Communication Specialist and Ministry Staff to share opportunities of UBC to its members and the community. The person serving in this role should be comfortable working with Apple computers, creating documents, advertisements, promotional material, and graphics. Here is a snapshot of the Office Specialist tasks:

· Handling incoming calls and other communications.

· Greeting visitors as needed

· Update master calendar

· Send communication emails three times a week

· Create weekly newsletter

· Produce promotional materials for events

· Create sign-up sheets, surveys, registrations, flyers, and postcards for events

· Keep up with registrations and communication connected to events

· Create promotional graphics

· Post and promote on social media

This position will be for 20 hours a week.

Please send your resumé and responses to the following question to

1) Tell us about your experience designing communication content.

2) How do you approach administrative assistance?

3) Tell us about a new skill you have learned for your previous work.

Deadline to Apply is May 10th 2021


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