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Mini Gardens: Loving Our Neighbors Through Healthy Food

UBC is creating practical ways for you to get involved from home in loving your neighbor. We are engaging in a church-wide crop growing initiative that will provide our partners at Highland Elementary, Open Air Ministries, and the Interfaith Federation with healthy food. 


The church will be providing members and friends of the faith community with miniature raised garden beds to grow crops throughout the coming seasons. 


Not everyone is a green thumb, so we want to provide several ways for you to partner with the initiative, including helping build the miniature beds, managing a garden bed or two at your home, gathering the crops at the harvest, or adding aesthetic features to the initiative. 

Building Partners

Building partners will help manufacture the 2x2 raised garden beds. The material will be provided. However, we will need partners to bring skill saws and drills. Our goal is to build 25 beds. 

Growing Partners

Growing partners will receive a 2x2 raised garden bed with soil, plans, and instructions for growing.


While a donation is not required, we are recommending a $30 donation per raised garden bed. This will help cover the cost of the material. 


Garden Bed Packs will be available for pick up at the church office (Sunday, 9:00-11:30 am; Monday-Thursday, 9:00 am-4:30 pm) or can be delivered by scheduling with Halena ( 

Gathering Partners

Gathering Partners will help with delivery Garden Bed Packs to the homes of Growing Partners and pick-up crops at the time of harvest. 


Gathering Partners will network with the church office for scheduling the bed deliveries and crop pick-ups. 

Aesthetic Partners

Aesthetic Partners are invited to give this initiative a little artistic flair. We are looking for partners to design art for the garden beds, such as kindness rocks or small crop signs. We are also open to other ideas to give the garden beds some pizazz. There will also be more projects down the road for crop care packages. 


Blank rocks and signs are available in the Office for pick up.



As the Mini Garden Project takes off, we are looking for partners willing to lead different facets of the initiative. If you see an area that you'd like to serve, please contact Halena ( 

Partner Registration

Please click the "Sign Up!" button below or call the office to register as a Building, Growing, Gathering, or Aesthetic Partner:

Share the Story

As Mini Garden beds find their new homes and as plants begin to grow, we want to share your story of partnership. Here are a few ways you can do that: 

  1. Take a picture, posting it on Instagram and/or Facebook, tagging UBC. 

  2. Don't have social media? Take a picture and email it to

  3. Give us a quote about why you are a partner with the Mini Garden Project. Email

  4. Share your story weekly in your Spiritual Formation and Sunday School class. 

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