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A Summer Day in the Life of a UBC Youth

Today, the Target aisles that were once occupied by a variety of pool floats, colorful beach towels and bright flip flops have been replaced with uniform shirts, backpacks and school supplies. A few ghosts of summer remain in the 40% off clearance section, but based on the fact that here in Louisiana we can’t count on the leaves to determine which season we’re in, we mark the official transition by what’s currently on the store shelves. By that observation we have officially entered fall, people. With that being said, the UBC Youth want to take a moment of your time to reminisce and reflect on the memorable summer of 2018.

Jenny Han, an author for kids and teens wrote "Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August." Sandy and Danny reminisced about the magic of “Summer Lovin’” in Grease and John Mayer sang " 'Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about" in the song Wildfire. June 1st was my first official day as the new Youth Intern which meant an enormous amount of pressure was placed (on myself) to take full advantage of these 3 months, 13 weeks and 92 days of freedom. Every Wednesday (and occasionally Sundays) the Youth would participate in a fun activity while most Sundays were for games, dinner and worship in some form or another. From Youth Camp to sock hops. Kickball tournaments to kayaking/canoeing. Feeding zebras and giraffes at Global wildlife to messy games we were determined to make summer 2018 one for the books and we believe we did just that.

Not only did we have a blast, but we learned that worship can take on many forms and does not have to be confined within the walls of the church. A sermon can be taught whether it’s in the sanctuary or in an indoor rock-climbing facility where voices of our youth filled up the room with cheers for their friends climbing up a rock wall they swore they never would. This has been an incredible season of love, laughs, inclusivity, friendship and fellowship. That is why we kindly request your positive thoughts, prayers and encouragement for continued success. We want to keep you all in the loop about what our amazing group of students are up to so stay tuned for our pictures and updates until the Target shelves are stocked with pumpkins, then turkeys, then Christmas trees and so on.


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