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A Summer of Bridging Connections

Updated: May 21, 2020

Of the many things that one can say about this crisis, it has pushed us to our temperamental limits. Introverts are in paradise. Extroverts are at their wit's end.

Isolation has been an unwelcome bedfellow for many.

Unfortunately, as we wade through the challenging waters of the pandemic, we do not have much certainty as to when normal will return. And yet, we are earnestly working on ways that we can stay connected as a faith community.

We hope to host the first of three Summer Gatherings on June 28th. Centered on like-interest activities, participants will have the opportunity to explore various forms of art, dance, exercise, cooking, games, and more. Even if you want to sit around a table and share in a conversation with others, we’ve got you covered. The Gatherings will kick off at 4:30 pm, with over an hour of multiple activity options, and wrap up with dinner.

Our Connect Groups are an expression of community. Also centered on like-interest activities, participants are invited to join with others to do anything from reading and discussing a book, jogging, playing golf, enjoying a meal, playing a game, art expressions, and much more. We invite you to connect with an existing group or share with us ideas for a new group through

Some Connect Groups are choosing to meet via phone and video calls. Let us know how we can support your group.

We are continuing to work on the Barnabas Project, a way of connecting members across an age divide. The hope is that those connected through the Barnabas Project will have two intentional touches per month. The first touch would be a deliberate gathering once per month, either over a meal or sitting down together during the 10:00 am Sunday Coffee & Community hour. The second touch would be simply a physical note or email to exchange words of encouragement and prayer. Each pairing would also be encouraged to spend time once per week praying specifically for their partner.

If you are interested in pairing with someone of a different age within the congregation, whether as an individual, couple, or family, please contact Deb McElgin ( or contact the office.

And outside of these formal ways that we are making connections among our members, we challenge you to share time outside of UBC: Collaborate on putting together a cook-out with a few other couples or families; setup a play day with your kids and other families; invite people out for a cup of coffee; continue to call and text those in your sphere of influence. Thoughtfully and intentionally consider how you can connect with other UBC members and people outside of our church.

Fostering a sense of connectedness in the days and weeks ahead will forge a stronger bond as we continue this journey together in faith.


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