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August 30: Sunday Experience Initiative (SEI), Part 5: Signage

We have been blessed with a large and beautiful campus. At the same time, the campus can be challenging to navigate for a first-time guest.

We have created several attractive, on brand (logo, color scheme), and useful portable signs to help guests navigate the campus. The signs are retractable, allowing for easy placement outside key doorways on Sunday morning and storage right inside the doorways following worship. Additionally, the use of retractable banners will allow us to have some flexibility about how we structure Sunday morning and use the campus.

The signage will also help us funnel traffic through three secure points: Fellowship Hall, Sanctuary, and Chapel building.

You will begin to see signs in the following places:

· Fellowship Hall (parking lot side doorway): Sunday Coffee & Community and Kids Check-In

· Fellowship Hall (columns): Family Tree Café website and schedule

· Sanctuary: UBC logo and worship gathering schedule

· Chapel (parking lot side doorway): Church of the Nations (logo and schedule) and directional sign for Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall.

· Back Parking Lot Corridor: Directional information to Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary

A final layer to the signage is the funneling of participants on Sunday mornings. The campus has a lot of entry points. This can cause confusion for first time guests, as well as potential security hazards.

One way to manage this issue is through the creation of rod iron gates to the outside courtyard entrances. This would allow us to funnel all Sunday morning participants through three primary entrances: Fellowship Hall, Sanctuary, and Chapel building.

To help with the challenge of locking and unlocking the gates, we could install a fob system to the gates, much like the system utilized on the MDO and office.


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